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Audubon's Shearwater

Puffinus lherminieri
Audubon's Shearwater - Mary Scott

Photo by Mary Scott and used with her permission. Photo remains the property of the photographer. For other examples of her work see

Widespread in tropical oceans. In the Atlantic breeds at the West Indies and Bahama Islands. Formerly bred in Bermuda, but now extirpated. (Harrison 1983).

Not attracted to ships and rarely attracted to chum or offal. (Olney 2007).

Where To See
Prefers warmer water so usually seen June through early September south of Cape Cod and more likely in one of the core of warm Gulf Stream water  frequently in the area. Sometimes identified from land on Cape Cod following high winds.

To look for this bird, take a continental shelf edge trip anytime during the summer.

In the New England area you need to separate Audubon's from the more numerous Manx Shearwaters.

Audubon's Shearwater - Mary Scott Underwing shows wider dark margin than the similar Manx. . Notice more extensive dark undertail coverts. The face lacks the white "C" mark behind the eye. Another Mary Scott photo used with her permission. Nice picture Mary.
Wing tips more rounded. Beware of a bird just taking off from the water. Underwing has wider dark margins. Photographed by Mary Scott on FONT Barnegat Light trip September 2001.

Feet do not project beyond tail.

Audubon's Shearwater - Mary Scott
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